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EICMP showcases latest camel milk products at SIAL Paris 2016

Posted on 19/10/2016

PARIS: Dubai-based camel milk producer, Emirates Industry for Camel Milk and Products, EICMP, producer of the famous Camelicious brand, is participating at SIAL Paris 2016, which runs until 20th October, and is one of the world's premier food exhibition networks. Together with 7,000 international food exhibitors from over 104 countries, Camelicious is presenting leading buyers in the retailing and food service industries with the best innovations in camel milk products and its derivatives, ...  >>MORE

RAK to build first camel underpass in hopes of reducing accidents

Posted on 08/01/2016

Camels wandering onto roads are a concern not only for motorists but for camel owners, too. That is why Ras Al Khaimah is building its first camel underpass, on the fast and busy Al Shuhada road which connects the emirate with Fujariah. Even though the number of vehicles hitting stray animals on roads fell between 2014 and last year, RAK's Public Works and Services Department is building the 37-metre-long underpass as a way of reducing casualties. The underpass is seven metres long and 3.6 ...  >>MORE

First cloned camel gives birth to first cloned offspring in Dubai

Posted on 14/11/2015

The first calf to come from a cloned camel has been born in Dubai. At the Reproductive Biotechnology Centre, her six-year-old mother proved that a cloned camel can be fertile and reproduce normally. Dr Ali Ridha Al Hashimi, the administrative director at the centre, and his scientific team made the announcement that Injaz, the world's first cloned camel, gave birth to a healthy female calf weighing about 38 kilos on November 2. Injaz, whose name means "achievement” in Arabic, was cloned in ...  >>MORE

Dubai camel milk chocolate heads for Harrods

Posted on 27/07/2015

Dubai's own artisan camel milk chocolate is now being sold in London's world-famous department store, Harrods. Al Nassma, the seller, is the only producer of camel milk chocolate in the world. Martin van Almsick, general manager at the company, said: "Ten years ago, a non-European premium chocolate was not even imaginable. Yet, here we are, a thriving UAE brand producing an authentic elite chocolate matching the highest standard. The fact that an upscale department store with a long tradition ...  >>MORE

World’s first cloned camel celebrates sixth birthday with pregnancy

Posted on 09/04/2015

Injaz, the world's first cloned camel, celebrates her sixth birth yesterday and she's pregnant, according to scientists at the Reproductive Biotechnology Centre in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, who cloned the camel from ovarian cells in a breakthrough lauded by the world's scientific community. According to The National daily, the scientists are also eagerly awaiting the birth of her calf, which was conceived naturally. Dr. Nisar Wani, scientific director of the centre, said that since Injaz was born, ...  >>MORE

Camel shipments from GCC to undergo strict screening for MERS-CoV: MoEW

Posted on 08/05/2014

The Ministry of Environment and Water announced yesterday it will not allow any livestock shipment which does not meet approved import requirements. In a statement, the ministry says that it is implementing strict veterinary and biosecurity protocols as well as preventive measures against animal infectious and epidemic diseases at border check points to ensure that camels imported from GCC into the UAE are free from any of these ills including brucellosis and the Middle East respiratory ...  >>MORE

Camelicious milking success in the UK

Posted on 01/03/2014

Dairy product Camelicious is milking the success of its venture in the UK — with plans to cater to 35 additional retailers in London by the end of the year. Even though camel milk may not be the type of product that springs to mind when thinking of goods in the UK, ethnic groups are keen to buy it as it gives them a taste of their home. The UAE-based company's product can be found at seven outlets in London, eight in Sheffield, and six stores in Bradford, in addition to several smaller shops ...  >>MORE

Camel milk gains popularity internationally

Posted on 23/09/2013

A camel milk producer in Dubai predicts a surge in demand for camel milk internationally following a request from the food authorities in the US to use the strategy of a Dubai-based company as a benchmark in producing camel milk in bulk. The US request is a result of growing demand for camel milk in the US. As the camel dairy industry has only been established in the past decade and is still in an early stage of development, information on camel milk quality worldwide continues to be scarce. ...  >>MORE

‘Camelicious’ milk to sell in Europe

Posted on 07/07/2013

The Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP), producer of the leading camel milk brand ‘Camelicious', commenced sending its first products to various countries in the European Union. After the company's official listing on the website of the Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission (SANCO), becoming the first Middle Eastern company to export camel milk products to the European Union, the first smaller quantities of camel milk powder, fresh ...  >>MORE

UAE and Dubai obtain EU Commission approval

Posted on 10/02/2013

The Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP), producer of the leading camel milk products ‘Camelicious', announced that the UAE and Dubai have received final approval from the European Commission as per Commission Regulation (EU) No 605/2010 to become the first country in the Middle East to export dairy products to the European Union. The EU Commission ratified the camel milk safety plan presented by EICMP (Camelicious) and confirmed its compliance to the EU's food safety and ...  >>MORE

Hope in the eye of a camel for human medicine

Posted on 04/02/2013

Scientific studies of camels have provided important clues to everything from understanding advanced reproduction techniques to saving endangered species. Now a research project with staff at Al Ain's UAE University, and Alfaisal University in Saudi Arabia, is using camels owned by the President, Sheikh Khalifa, to understand how the proteins in camel tears could improve human medicine. The aim of the project, which started in 2007 with a grant from UAE University, is to find an effective ...  >>MORE

Camel cheese coming soon to supermarket shelves

Posted on 23/01/2012

A local company has proved the doubters wrong by producing the UAE's first commercial batch of camel milk cheese. Researchers had claimed it would be impossible to make because camel milk does not coagulate as easily as cow or sheep milk - a vital step in cheese making. But after three years of work, scientists at the Emirates Industry for Camel Milk and Products in Dubai, which sells its products under the Camelicious brand name, have solved the problem. By April three types of camel ...  >>MORE

Plea to save camel habitat

Posted on 08/01/2012

An initiative taken by Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE Foreign Minister, has once again drawn everyone's attention to the conservation of desert ecosystems. Sheikh Abdullah said through twitter that he would like to participate in the desert clean-up campaign on January 20. The deaths of camels in the UAE deserts after consuming plastic bags have highlighted the levels of pollution caused by human beings in recent years. The authorities have been conducting an awareness ...  >>MORE

New technology to milk camels

Posted on 28/11/2011

Camels at Al Ain Dairy Company are still a bit nervous around their new Dh4.2 million milking machines. The automated camel-milking parlour was flown in a couple of months ago from the company's UK-based partner, Fullwood, who supply camel-milking technology worldwide. The farm's 1,200 camels are currently being introduced to machine milking by having portable milking machines hooked up to their udders. "We've been trying for the past month to milk them with those to get them used to being ...  >>MORE

Camel milk hits the big screen

Posted on 02/10/2011

A documentary about camel milk that features the UAE will be shown to audiences in London this month at a culinary arts festival. The 50-minute film Hot Chocolate for Bedouins examines the nutritional benefits of camel milk and how it helps marginalised people in poor countries. The UAE is one of more than 20 countries featured in the film, which was conceived as a three-month project on camel cheese. "We found out that, supposedly, camel-milk cheese is impossible to make," said Philippa ...  >>MORE

UAE science could save rare Chinese camel from extinction

Posted on 06/07/2011

Beijing - A breeding technique pioneered in the UAE to improve the speed of racing camels could help save the shaggy two-humped wild Bactrian camel, one of the world's most endangered species. The wild camel was recognised as a separate species from the domesticated Bactrian camel only in 2008, and there are thought to be only a thousand of the wild Bactrian camel - scientific name Camelus ferus - left in the world, making it rarer than both the giant panda and the Royal Bengal tiger. Most ...  >>MORE

UAE set to import camels

Posted on 02/05/2011

The UAE might not seem short on camels, but camel milk farmers are planning to import them from central Asia regardless. They are doing so because they have an eye on a potential explosion of demand if Europe decides to give the go-ahead to camel milk imports from the UAE. Last July, the European Union approved the UAE's plans to demonstrate the safety and quality of the milk. Later this year, a team of inspectors will arrive to verify that those plans are being put into practice. If ...  >>MORE

Camels could hold key to better cure for snakebites

Posted on 24/03/2010

They are the pride of Arabia, the ships of the desert. Noble beasts, they change hands for millions of dirhams and are prized for their beauty. Now, according to scientists, camels could hold the key to a better cure for some of the world's deadliest snakebites. A collaboration between researchers from Britain and Dubai using camels instead of the usual horses or sheep as incubators for a new antivenom is entering its final stages. The project is focusing on African snakes including the ...  >>MORE

Dubai scientists create first cloned camel and call her Injaz

Posted on 14/04/2009

Scientists in Dubai have created the world's first cloned camel, offering a way to preserve special strains for racing and milk production. The female calf, named Injaz, was born at 4.30pm on April 8 and is healthy so far. Injaz is the result of five years of work by scientists at the Camel Reproduction Centre and the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) in a project initiated by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. "This is the first time ...  >>MORE

Dubai-based scientists produce region’s first identical twin camels

Posted on 14/05/2008

In an unprecedented breakthrough in the GCC region, Dubai-based scientists have successfully produced the first identical twin camel using the embryo splitting technology. Zahi and Baih, the two identical twins, were naturally born to two surrogate camel mothers on February 10th and 23rd respectively after a pregnancy period of 13 moths. According to the scientists' team at Dubai Camel Breading Centre, the genetically identical cubs are in a good health. Used successfully for the first time ...  >>MORE

Camel cultures’ new use

Posted on 29/04/2008

Camel racing has long been a favourite sport in Arabia, and the fastest animals are worth millions of dollars. However, a single injury can leave a champion racer lame and unfit to race again. Until now, the remedy for many joint injuries has been to pump the injured beast full of steroids or other drugs. But thanks to a technique being developed at the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) in Dubai, such treatments could become a thing of the past. Veterinary surgeons will be using ...  >>MORE

Mysterious camel-killing ‘disease’ in Saudi no threat to UAE

Posted on 20/08/2007

Veterinary experts said a toxin rather than an infectious disease could have killed hundreds of camels in Saudi Arabia. They said there is no likelihood that animals in the UAE will die from the mystery ailment. Specialists say it is likely that poison was responsible for the deaths of more than 200 camels in the Dawasir Valley, 250 miles south of Riyadh. The Agriculture Ministry in Saudi Arabia has said 232 animals died in four days, although some owners say the death toll could be much ...  >>MORE

Cure centre for animals big and small

Posted on 02/03/2007

When camels or horses line up at racecourses in the Middle East, there is one centre that can take much of the credit for ensuring those animals are fit to compete. Dubai's Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) is arguably the foremost centre in the region for diagnosing and finding cures for animal diseases. If someone needs to know whether their horse is disease-free, if their camel is really the offspring of a successful racing father, or if their bird is male or female, CVRL ...  >>MORE

Camel's antibodies aid in cancer cure

Posted on 16/04/2006

Scientists have found unique antibodies in camel's blood that led them to develop a successful treatment for colon cancer, a Belgian scientist involved in the research said here on Saturday. The finding has also led the research in developing a solution to diagnose infections, said Professor Serge Muyldermans, adding that it was a promising development that could lead to finding a cure for other diseases. Prof Muyldermans, who is a researcher at the Department of Molecular and Cellular ...  >>MORE

International society for camel research to be set up in UAE

Posted on 10/04/2006

An international society for the promotion of camel research and development is to be set up in the UAE, the UAE University announced yesterday. It will be the first global society in which countries with an interest in camel research and development will take part. Currently no such society exists and individual research efforts are carried out in different countries, said Dr Ghaleb A. Alhadrami, a senior faculty member at the College of Food and Agriculture of the UAE University. "This is ...  >>MORE