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Mohammed bin Rashid chairs brainstorming session with his team

posted on 31/08/2016

Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, said on Tuesday that the UAE needs fresh thinking and new blood for realising the ambitions and meeting the challenges of the next phase of the country's development.

Addressing a brainstorming session chaired by him, and attended by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, H.H. Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed said that the leadership deeply appreciates those who work hard for the country's progress. He said the UAE is keen to further enhance the living standard and services offered to its people.

Speaking further to his team at the session, where new ideas, initiatives and projects were discussed, Sheikh Mohammed said that thinking collectively and having an open dialogue helps generate better ideas.

"A government job is a lifelong mission to serve the people," he said. Giving the examples of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, he said that UAE was built by those who devoted their lives to the progress of the country."

Sheikh Mohammed reviewed the work and key ideas proposed by the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future which comprises the General Secretariat of the Cabinet, the Prime Minister's Office and the Public Diplomacy Office. He also discussed the projects of The Executive Office, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and Dubai Future Foundation.

The session was also attended by Mohammad bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and The Future and Chairman of The Executive Office; Abdulla Al Basti, Secretary-General of the UAE Cabinet; Saeed Al Eter, Director-General of the Public Diplomacy Office; Abdullah Mohammad Saeed bin Touq, Director-General of the Executive Office; Saif Al Aleeli, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Future Foundation; Maryam Al Hammadi, Assistant Director-General for Government Performance; Huda Al Hashimi, Assistant Director-General for Strategy and Innovation; and Hessa Essa Buhumaid, Assistant Director-General for Government Services. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Mohamed bin Zayed receives Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi and a number of women leaders

posted on 31/08/2016

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, has said that the UAE's development and growth strategy is essentially based on investment in its human capital, saying that this "real wealth" is what will secure the nation's bright future.

He also stressed the importance of the contribution of women to this process, and praised their achievements in all fields.

His Highness made these comments yesterday at Al Bahr Palace in Abu Dhabi, where, on the occasion of Emirati Women's Day, he received Dr. Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi, Speaker of the Federal National Council, along with a number of ministers and FNC members, as well as women leaders from the civil and military sectors.

Speaking during the meeting, H.H. Sheikh Mohamed said that women in the UAE have assumed their natural place in the process of national development, thanks to the future and long term vision of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who paved their way, enabling them to defy the odds and overcome any obstacles with confidence, as well as to participate in building the nation alongside their brothers.

He also referenced the support given by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to women, which, Sheikh Mohamed said, stems from his profound belief in the vital role that women play in the building of the nation, its development and prosperity.

The Abu Dhabi Crown Prince went on to assert that women in the UAE have demonstrated their valuable, efficient, excellent and successful leadership skills in various social, developmental, economic and political sectors.

His Highness explained that women add a vital dimension to the process of nation-building and prosperity through their active participation in all areas, which has seen them occupy prominent positions at the global level, and become leaders in many fields.

Sheikh Mohamed noted that as part of its permanent strategy, the UAE focusses on the progression of its citizens, saying that they are the prime movers of the developmental process.

His Highness explained that following the completion of the first stages of development, which included the provision of access to basic services in education, health, infrastructure and capitalising on human resources, the country had entered stage two, which requires its sons and daughters to utilise their excellence, creativity and innovation, seek out more knowledge and education, and continue towards achieving success.

His Highness went on to say that the nation's forefathers had provided great lessons in the importance of loyalty, sacrifice and hard work in serving the country, adding that the UAE's heritage is deep-rooted in great values and principles which have shaped its culture.

The Abu Dhabi Crown Prince also highlighted the fact that the Emirati people, both men and women, continue to carry on this inherited message of building an impervious homeland, where love, progress, and all requirements of a decent life reside.

During the meeting, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed expressed his pride in the achievements of UAE national women and the part they have played in the nation-building process, as well as his pride in the mothers of martyrs, who, he said, have left their mark on the nation by filling its memories with the values of loyalty, sacrifice and belonging.

His Highness said, "Through you and the children of this nation, with determination, will and education, the UAE will continue to achieve its goals, make progress, and accomplish excellence in all fields."

The women leaders said that the opportunities that the UAE provides to its daughters, under the leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa, and the tireless efforts of H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women's Union (GWU), Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation (FDF) and President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, have allowed them to take their real place in society and are instrumental in highlighting the abilities of Emirati women, which in turn enables them to create a distinctive presence as they contribute to the development process of their country. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Hedayah’s compendium on counter-narratives for the South East Asia region released

posted on 31/08/2016

Hedayah, the International Center of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism, CVE, based in Abu Dhabi, has released a compendium of counter-narratives for the South East Asia region.

Titled, 'Undermining Violent Extremist Narratives in South East Asia: A How-To Guide,' the compendium contains practical advice for civil society organisations and practitioners to develop effective narratives that counter the approaches of Daesh, Al-Qaida, Jemaah Islamiyah and other violent extremists in the region.

Using video production, spreading their messages on social media and addressing topics relevant to young Muslims, Daesh propaganda has caught the world's attention. World leaders and counter-terrorism officials have increasingly emphasised the need to counter the messages of Daesh online and offline to prevent individuals from traveling to Iraq and Syria to join the ranks of Daesh. Fighters and recruits from South East Asia are no exception, and regional concerns have been significantly raised since the Daesh attack in Jakarta in January, 2016.

The Hon. Michael Keenan MP, Minister for Justice and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Counter-Terrorism of Australia, today announced the launch of the compendium, a project carried out by Hedayah. The guide also contains clear examples of counter-messages, case studies, and links to videos and websites that are relevant to supporting the development of counter-narratives.

The compendium was a practical outcome recommended by the participants of Australia's Regional Summit to Counter Violent Extremism, which took place in Sydney in June, 2015. The compendium will be available in the Bahasa, Malay and Tagalog languages, in addition to English version, and can be found electronically on Hedayah's website.

The project was sponsored by the Attorney-General's Department of Australia as part of their commitment to preventing and countering violent extremism and terrorism. The examples of counter-narratives contained in the compendium have also been uploaded into Hedayah's Counter-Narrative Library, an online portal and database of existing, open-source counter-narratives. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government launches ’The India Connection’

posted on 31/08/2016

The Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG), a research and teaching institution specialising in public policy in the Arab world, on Tuesday launched a book titled ‘The India Connection' during a ceremony organised at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Based on entrepreneurship, innovation and cultural diversity in the UAE's labour market and their impact on sustainable economic development, the book highlights the experiences of Indian entrepreneurs in the UAE through live case studies and interviews.

The special launch was attended by Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi, UAE Minister of State for Tolerance; the Consul-General of India to the UAE, Anurag Bhushan; Dr Ali Sebaa Al Marri, Executive President of MBRSG; and the authors of "The India Connection" Dr. Immanuel Azaad Moonesar, Assistant Professor at MBRSG, and Dr. Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan, Associate Professor at The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD).

Among the attendees were a number of leading Indian entrepreneurs whose experiences have served as case studies in the book, and research experts, among others.

Speaking at the launch, Sheikha Lubna stressed the importance of academic publications that study the evolution of investment trends across different periods in the UAE's history.

She said, "Since the establishment of the UAE, our founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, realised the importance of developing strong relations especially with countries that have a significant impact - geographically, culturally, economically and politically - on the UAE, such as India. Sheikh Zayed's visit to India in 1975 helped establish growing and prosperous synergies between our two countries."

She added, "Today our bilateral relationship has strengthened. The UAE has ratified an increasing number of co-operation agreements with India in the political, cultural, and economic arenas, among others. We look forward to seeing more research conducted on this historic relationship between the two countries that will go a long way in ensuring the sustainability of this relationship and help us identify best ways for future cooperation. I am confident that the UAE's appealing investment environment – strategically developed over the past few years – as well as its tolerant culture that welcomes all nationalities and provides them with opportunities for success and stability, offer great scope for future studies on similar success stories with regard to other nationalities working and living in the UAE."

The book is part of a series titled ‘Actions and Insights' that discusses Middle East and North Africa (MENA) affairs. The series is published by the University of Wollongong in Dubai in collaboration with the International Business Academy in the MENA. The publication series turns the scanner on young human capital in emerging countries and its role in overcoming the current challenges in the field of business and international trade. It also points out that youth are the hope for a country to step-up its adoption of modern market concepts, such as innovation.

In compiling ‘The India Connection' researchers delved deep into the stories of entrepreneurs from the Indian community who settled in and founded successful businesses in the UAE. They have also attempted to study the gradual shift of the centre of world economy from the West to the East - a phenomenon that has occupied the attention of experts and policy makers worldwide and one that merits ongoing monitoring.

Dr. Al Marri said, "This book stands as another testimony to the historic friendship between Dubai and India, and highlights the deep interrelated ventures that had significant impact on the economic, political, and social development of both nations. We take pride in this relationship which has always been embedded with mutual appreciation and respect to both our similarities and differences and always has potential for further growth."

The great interest in the launch of this book reflects the profound historical relations between India and the UAE. Speaking on these special relations, Sanjay Verma, former Indian Consul-General in Dubai, said in his introduction to the book that the UAE is home to 77 percent of India's exports to the region, with over 26,000 Indian companies registered with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, including companies registered at free zones across the UAE. The total number of functional Indian companies in Dubai exceeds 50,000. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Abu Dhabi Ship Building commissions first floating dock

posted on 31/08/2016

Abu Dhabi Ship Building, ADSB, has announced the commissioning of the company's first floating dock, located in Mina Zayed, with the aim of expanding its commercial service offerings.

Commenting on the occasion, Dr. Khaled Al Mazrouei, CEO of Abu Dhabi Ship Building, said, "We are proud to announce this latest milestone for Abu Dhabi Ship Building. The addition of the floating dry-dock contributes to our commitment to expanding our service offering, strengthening our local maritime services and industries, and delivering on the large scale goal of Abu Dhabi's continued economic diversification."

The new floating dry-dock enhances the company's service capabilities, allowing ADSB to service ships that were previously too large to be handled to their headquarters in Mussafah. The floating dry-dock now allows ADSB to dock vessels up to 180m in length, almost the length of two football pitches. The floating dock was commissioned in mid-July.

With the addition of the floating dock, ADSB is looking to expand its customer base through the new service. The facility now enables ADSB to service the oil and gas industry and the company aims to attract new customers across diverse industries through a network of agents representing 16 countries across Europe and Asia. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Masdar Institute and MIT develop low-cost solar device converting sunlight to steam in dusty environment

posted on 31/08/2016

A team of researchers from the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a novel, low-cost solar thermal energy conversion system that can easily generate steam from sunlight.

The solar conversion system can help make technologies that rely on steam, like seawater desalination, wastewater treatment, residential water heating, medical tool sterilization and power generation, more efficient and affordable.

The new device floats on water, converting 20 percent of incoming solar energy into steam at 100 degrees Celsius without expensive optical concentration devices and is made of cheap, commercially available materials, including bubble wrap and a polystyrene (plastic) foam.

"This project is an excellent demonstration of how international collaboration and use-inspired research can yield cutting-edge scientific findings that have direct applications to the sectors that are at the core of the UAE's continued evolution toward an innovation and knowledge-based economy," Dr. Steve Griffiths, Vice President for Research and Associate Provost, at the Masdar Institute, said.

"The system we have developed enables us to generate steam with solar energy without having to rely on direct sunlight," Dr. TieJun Zhang, Masdar Institute's Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering said.

"The technology is particularly suited for the UAE's dusty climate, as it fully uses the entire spectrum of sunlight for thermal applications rather than just the direct portion, which can be hindered by the aerosols," he added.

Dr. Zhang, MIT's Mechanical Engineering Department Head Dr. Gang Chen, PhD student Hongxia Li and Postdoc Weilin Yang at the Masdar Institute, published a paper on their new floating solar receiver last week in the journal Nature Energy, along with George Ni, an MIT graduate student and the paper's leading author, and two other researchers at MIT.

The receiver's design is relatively simple: A floating, sponge-like device made up of a spectrally-selective absorber allows visible light energy from the sun in, while restricting the amount of heat that radiates back out into the atmosphere. This heat-trapping effect significantly improves the device's sunlight-to-steam efficiency.

The absorber is sandwiched between a top bubble-wrap layer, which allows for sunlight absorption while reducing the amount of heat lost to the air through convection, and a bottom insulating foam layer, which floats the entire structure on a body of water and reduces the thermal loss of the generated heat to the water below.

The floating receiver acts like a sponge, constantly soaking up water and evaporating it, producing a continuous stream of steam.

The solar receiver was validated at MIT, where it demonstrated the ability to rapidly reach 100 C and generate steam during periods of low direct sunlight, such as during non-summer months and under heavy cloud cover.

"The technology we have demonstrated is particularly attractive for hot-arid regions such as Abu Dhabi for potential applications in waste water treatment, sea water desalination, and even power generation," Dr. Chen said. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Masdar, DEWA explore joint co-operation in renewable energy

posted on 31/08/2016

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), received a delegation from the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) headed by Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, CEO of Masdar, at DEWA's head office.

The meeting featured discussions to enhance the scope of partnership in the field of renewable energy, and projects in the renewable energy market. This supports the UAE's Vision 2021 to become one of the best countries in the world by 2021. This, in turn, strengthens the UAE's global competitiveness, especially in renewable energy, and green economy technologies and products, DEWA press release said.

"We are proud of our ongoing strategic partnership with Masdar, and strive to exchange skills and expertise, to achieve excellence in implementing world-class projects, in adherence with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. This vision recognises the significance of renewable energy in achieving a balance between development and sustainability. This balance will help preserve the rights of future generations to live in a clean, healthy, and safe environment," said Al Tayer.

"DEWA co-operates with different government organisations in the UAE to consolidate sustainability and to ensure a brighter and happier future. This is achieved through distinguished projects and initiatives to increase dependence on renewable and clean energy sources. DEWA is working on diversifying Dubai's energy mix to derive 61 percent of energy from natural gas, 25 percent from solar energy, 7 percent from clean coal, and 7 percent from nuclear power by 2030. Gradually, the energy mix will witness enhanced component of clean energy sources, up to 75 percent by 2050, to achieve sustainable development and enhance the prosperity and well-being of our citizens, residents, and visitors, while ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.' 'We aim to become a global role model by supporting Dubai's economic growth, securing our energy supply, using energy efficiently and meeting our environmental and sustainability goals, to make Dubai a global centre for clean energy and green economy. Through the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, we aim to provide 7 percent of Dubai's total power output from clean energy by 2020. This target will increase to 25 percent by 2030 and 75 percent by 2050," added Al Tayer.

The visiting delegation hailed DEWA's commitment towards enhancing cooperation and strategic partnership to support national clean and renewable energy strategies for future generations.

Last June, DEWA announced the selected bidder for the 800 megawatt (MW) third phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, which will be constructed based on the Independent Power Producer (IPP) model. The selected bidder for the project is a Masdar-led consortium including the Spanish companies FRV (Fotowatio Renewable Ventures) and Gransolar Group. The consortium bid a Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE), of USD $2.99 cents per kilowatt (kW). The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park is the largest single-site solar park in the world with a planned capacity of 5,000MW by 2030 with a total investment of AED 50 billion. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Top international universities and organisations to compete in MBZIRC

posted on 31/08/2016

Khalifa University, the organiser of the Mohamed bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC), has revealed that teams from leading universities and international organisations will be participating in the upcoming challenge. The 45 finalists come from prestigious academic institutes such as the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), the National University of Singapore, Xi'an Jiaotong University and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, to name a few. Other teams represent various organisations with an interest in robotics, such as the UAE's Mohammed bin Rashed Space Center, Accelerated Dynamics from the UK, and NaviRobot LLC from Russia.

In addition to teams from the UAE, UK and USA, teams from Italy, Germany, KSA, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, South Korea, and Spain were chosen from over 316 teams from 45 countries, who expressed their interest in participating in the Challenge, which is scheduled to take place in 2017, with prizes totaling US$5 million.

"We are pleased with the response we have received for this challenge and I'm excited to see the finalists in action," said Dr.

Arif Al Hammadi, Executive Vice President of Khalifa University. "This is a unique challenge that will certainly give competitors an opportunity to display their skills to the world. The representation from across academia and industry will make for some interesting innovations that will no doubt have widespread effects on the field of robotics and determine how new technologies are applied in the future. We are looking forward to seeing the teams in action in 2017."

He also said: "The Challenge aims at taking the advanced science and technology to new levels in order to push forward the innovation to new horizons. This, in turn, will help support both Abu Dhabi's and UAE's knowledge economy visions."

MBZIRC will consist of three challenges and a triathlon type "Grand Challenge". It will take place in an outdoor open arena the approximate size of a football pitch. They will require unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to locate, track and land on top of a moving ground vehicle, reach a second ground vehicle, locate and physically operate a valve on a side of the vehicle and collaborate with each other in order to search, locate, track, pick and place a set of static and moving objects.

MBZIRC will be held the first time in March 2017 after it was launched last year and it will be held every two years with a different theme that matches the level of innovation during the period it will be organised. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


UAE has highly efficient infrastructure, road network: Minister

posted on 31/08/2016

Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development, stressed on Sunday that the UAE, since its establishment, has been keenly interested in developing highly efficient infrastructure and high-quality road network.

He was speaking during an inspection visit to the construction site of a road linking the Sheikh Khalifa Road in Fujairah with the Khatm al-Melaha crossing on the border with Oman as well as E99 road, which is expected to be completed during the third quarter of this year.

The cost of the first phase of the road is estimated at AED30 million. Trucks will be diverted to the new two-way road to relieve traffic pressure on Kalba City.

He said the projects being carried out by the ministry support the UAE Vision 2021 and the National Agenda as well as promote happiness for society in the UAE.

As a strategic goal, the ministry is working to complete the construction of a country-wide fully-integrated road network to contribute to sustainable development, economic growth and social welfare. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Seventeen innovative ideas to bring success to First, Last Mile

posted on 31/08/2016

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has held the second Government Innovation Lab for Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector 2016 entitled "First, Last Mile Transportation," during which 17 innovative ideas were adopted.

The event was attended by Nasir Abu Shehab, CEO of the Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector as well as the creme of researchers, scholars, students and representatives of the public and private sectors concerned with the transportation sector. The brainstorming sessions resulted in adopting 17 innovative ideas that enriched the discussion topic.

"The First, Last Mile Transportation is one of the key topics considered crucial for the future of the RTA, at which an array of ideas, initiatives concerned with the transportation sector in Dubai from all perspectives were discussed," Abu Shehab said.

A presentation was made recapping the current position of public transport and highlighting future initiatives planned for by the RTA. The lab resulted in adopting of 17 innovative ideas enabling the RTA to undertake projects that will bridge the mobility gap associated with the First, Last Mile. The topic looks into how commuters can have smooth access to certain destinations such as malls, clinics, residential complexes and parks through transit service feeding public transport such as the metro and tram.

"The lab is compatible with the directions of the Dubai government and is aimed at boosting innovation, and the RTA plans to nurture the culture of innovation to ensure the success of all its projects undertaken at world class standards. Holding labs helps identify the best ideas generated through brainstorming sessions and encouraging unlimited thinking aloud.

"The lab focussed on discussing and identifying the future global trends of transport systems, particularly as transportation has become one of the key challenges facing the modern world. Being a key player in the field, the RTA is keen on reviewing ideas and innovative solutions in this field and implementing them on the ground in enhancing the global profile of Dubai," Abu Shehab added.

At the conclusion of the sessions, Abu Shehab honoured all the representatives of participants and called on them to commit more efforts to help achieve the most successful transit system in the emirate of Dubai. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Eyal Zayed delegation visits Emirati patients in Houston hospitals

posted on 31/08/2016

HOUSTON: A UAE delegation has visited a number of Emirati patients who are receiving treatment in Houston in the United States. The visit is an initiative of the organisers of the Eyal Zayed (Zayed's Sons) gathering during their stay in the United States in preparation for the Future Leaders Student Forum, which kicks off on 4th September in Los Angeles.

The delegation included Mohammed Khalifa Al Hamli, Scholarships Co-ordination Office Director and Chairman of Students' Forum abroad, along with a number of officials and young Emiratis.

Mr. Al Hamli highlighted the UAE's keenness, under the leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to provide all the necessary measures to enable Emiratis to receive appropriate treatment, whether in the UAE or abroad, wishing them a speedy recovery and good health.

He also conveyed the greetings of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, to the Emirati patients and their families, wishing them good health and wellness.

While in Houston, the Eyal Zayed delegation also visited the recently opened Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Building for Personalised Cancer Care. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan School in Astana to open tomorrow

posted on 31/08/2016

ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN: The Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan School will open tomorrow in the Kazakh capital, Astana, with the aim of supporting the educational process in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The move followed the directives of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and the follow-up of H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation.

An opening ceremony will be held under the patronage of President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, who will open the school in recognition of the distinguished relations between the UAE and Kazakhstan.

Covering 37,000 square metres with a built-up area of 14,300 square metres, the school will accommodate 1,200 students at the primary, preparatory and secondary levels. The school has the latest equipment and modern scientific requirements. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


ERC implements development projects in Sudan

posted on 31/08/2016

On the directives of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, support of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and follow up by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler's Representative in the Western Region, Chairman of Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), the ERC implements a number of development projects for those affected by the floods in Sudan.

These projects cover the housing, health and education sectors, and benefit thousands of families in the Kassala, Khartoum and the River Nile states.

Sheikh Hamdan said the directives of the leadership reflects strong relations between the UAE and Sudan, as well as continuous communication between the leaders of the two countries. He added that they also demonstrated the unlimited solidarity of the wise leadership with the victims of the recent floods in Sudan.

"This initiative comes within the framework of the UAE's commitment as a major donor of humanitarian and development aid," he added.

The ERC delegation will leave for Sudan on Wednesday to supervise proposed projects, co-ordinate with competent authorities, and local partners. This second phase of the development projects follows the first phase of the urgent relief aid dispatched earlier by the ERC to Sudan. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Emirates Red Crescent continues providing aid to Yemen

posted on 31/08/2016

ABYAN, YEMEN: The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, is continuing its humanitarian and relief initiatives to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people and strengthen their resilience in the face of difficult circumstances.

The Emirates Red Crescent yesterday evening dispatched a medical aid convoy to the Al-Razi Hospital in Abyan province. The convoy contained a variety of medicines needed by patients in the hospital. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Fire in two towers in Abu Dhabi contained

posted on 31/08/2016

Thirteen people, including ten fire-fighters, suffered from mild suffocation in a fire that broke out on Tuesday in two under-construction buildings in Zahia area in the capital Abu Dhabi.

A joint team from the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence and Quick Intervention Unit contained the fire from spilling over to nearby residential buildings and rescued construction workers trapped in the two towers.

Lt. Colonel Mohamed Al Ansari, Director-General of Abu Dhabi Civil Defence, said the operations room received a fire report at 10:50am and immediately dispatched fire engines to the scene of the incident.

"Occupants of the neighbouring building were evacuated and taken to a temporary shelter provided by the Emirates Red Crescent,' he added. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Arab world to witness annular solar eclipse on Thursday

posted on 31/08/2016

Many Arab states will view a partial eclipse (annular eclipse) on Thursday, 1st September, including Yemen, southwestern parts of Saudi Arabia, and all the Arab states in Africa.

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon's apparent diameter is smaller than the sun's, blocking most of the sun's light and causing the sun to look like an annulus (ring).

Regarding the sighting of Eid Al Adha 'Dhu al-Hijjah' crescent, most of the Islamic countries will detect the crescent on Thursday, 1st Sept. (29th of Dhu al-Qi'dah), the same day of the solar eclipse. On that day the eclipse will occur shortly before the sunset, and the moon will set after the sun shortly not allowing it to be viewed in all regions of the Islamic world.

Based on the moon sighting, the month of Dhu al-Hijjah begins on Saturday, September 3. Therefore, September 11 will be the (Day of Arafah), and September 12, the first Eid Al Adha day. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -